Configurable SCADA Software
for Equipment Harmonization

TruBio® DV SCADA has been developed to harmonize and upgrade the installed
base of older, proprietary bioreactor control systems. A migration occurs when
it is determined that an existing bioreactor control system is no longer able to
meet the demands of the process. TruBio DV SCADA then provides a cost-effective,
easy-to-implement solution, wherein the user can retain existing process hardware,
yet overlay the capability and features of TruBio® Software with the reliability and
power of DeltaV-based control. The overlay of TruBio DV onto third party controllers
and analyzers can use either Finesse TruConnect hardware or use OPC connectivity
through the Application Station. Third party sensors or digital MFCs can also be
added to existing hardware using DeltaV I/O in the TruLogic controller.


  • Cost effective
  • Extend the useful life of existing capital
  • Unify user interfaces for a variety of controllers:
    • Controllers from Sartorius, Applikon, DasGip and NBS
    • Analizers from Nova and Roche
  • Aggregate process data in a common, robust DeltaV historian

TruBio Software

Unify upstream process trains with user-friendly, configurable, scalable
bio-process software.


Bespoke control for any process.